Robert AKA “Big Sarge” Brandt is a US Army veteran that has served with distinction and honor. He is a highly decorated soldier and has served with the Army all over the globe. Some of his duty stations were, South Korea, The Middle East, Somalia, Germany (right after the wall came down), numerous stations stateside, and Kosovo.

He has a Bachelors in Business Management, Anti-Terrorism, and a Masters in Forensic Psychology. Sarge has helped rewrite many 2nd Infantry Divisions policies on counter terrorism after 9-11. He has written whitepapers on terrorism and has been featured on radio shows across the nation back in the mid 2000’s. His expertise on counter terrorism operations has been sought out by govt think tanks and govt agencies worldwide.

Robert owns and operates The Big Sarge Show podcast that has an emphasis on topic driven shows. Known as Central PA’s number one podcast, The Big Sarge Show has recently garnered national attention to become one of the fastest growing podcasts in the nation. One of the reasons being that his emphasis is on the truth and facts, not fiction and conspiracy.

Not always being the popular guy, he has been often dubbed “The New Bad Boy of Radio”. Whatever you believe you can be rest assured that Sarge delivers a no holds bar type of show that doesn’t spew rhetoric or read articles to you. He provides solid commentary backed up by facts.

Sarge also is an advocate for veterans struggling from PTSD and often volunteers at a local Veteran shelter. He is passionate about veteran issues and is active in his veteran community.

Sarge lives with his wonderful wife, his two daughters and Grandson in Harrisburg, PA. His studio known as “The Bunker” is located in the same area. He loves his country and his family and would do anything to protect both.